Just my tiny asshole

for those of you who asked for some images of my tiny asshole. these are high res images, for large viewing. Make a lovely screensaver!

Number of pictures: 16

Mercy with flowered whip

A set of 19 photos shot in a local dungeon.

Number of pictures: 19

Worship Mercy's cock!

I wear my big boots, yellow shorts, and tiny top. And let you worship my cock for a bit. You good boy! (PS: the photos are very sharp, this preview link page makes it fuzzy for some reason.)

Number of pictures: 35

Living Room yellow top

Feeling sexy in the living room on a rainy afternoon in Portland.

Number of pictures: 36

Living Room Furry Coat

Some cool clothing I found at a yard sale.

Number of pictures: 26

In the dog mask

A collection of me wearing a leather dog mask (plus 3 of me strapped to a bed with my legs spread open)

Number of pictures: 30

Yellow & Black Micro Bikini

On the bed in two different micro-bikinis one yellow and very very small, one black and very small/

Number of pictures: 37

Teal bikini and high heels

some photos by @BlacktapeSam

Number of pictures: 24

Old Hotel Room

Sitting in a nice chair in that lovely old hotel room. Some with a dildo between my legs. Ooooh, tres vilain!

Number of pictures: 29