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Hello. This site is my own little part of the internet where I connect to people who appreciate my work: from fans of my XXX shoots, to my social networking followers, to my real world admirers. You have seen that I am not your traditional big-business actress. I'm a nonbinary, queer, creative type who appreciates every person who supports my work.

I'm often asked, "Where is the best place to purchase your videos so you get to keep the most money?" The answer is right here on my own website. Your purchases keep the wolves from the door, and help pay the bills so I can keep making my videos and photos for you. This is personal, unique and non-traditional work that you make possible. I hope you will purchase something from me here.

Thanks for looking around the site, and I hope you like what I have created for you.


PS: This is not a subscription site, at this time. It's my personal website where you can purchase videos, and discuss custom clips, etc.


Cam / phone 

If you'd like a virtual connection, I sporadically do cam & phone work via Night Flirt. Or talk live 24/7 by phone at Verified Call -

Custom video & audio clips:

I love making people's fantasies come true. Do you have a unique idea that you'd like to see come to life? Well I'm your model! I love acting and embellishing your creative scenarios. What gets you hot? What are you excited by? You're Alfred Hitchcock and I'm Anthony Perkin, You're Stanley Kubrick and I'm Jack Nicholson. Let's make cinematic magic!


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Send me a message, and let's discuss what I can do for you:

971-319-5214 (text only)​

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